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FreeFlyer® Software is a leading application in the Space Industry for space mission design, analysis and operations, and now you can become certified...for FREE!

FreeFlyer® Certification Program

FreeFlyer Certification Program

Validate Your FreeFlyer Proficiency

FreeFlyer Level 1 Certification covers the fundamental skills necessary to productively use the FreeFlyer astrodynamics software. The level 1 certification exam is composed of both multiple-choice questions and practical examples which test your knowledge of the core capabilities of FreeFlyer including Spacecraft Propagation, Generating Output, and FreeFlyer Scripting. In a growing market for Aerospace Engineers, becoming certified in FreeFlyer demonstrates valuable transferable skills, sets individuals apart in the job market, and can help accelerate professional growth.

Explore FreeFlyer Level 1 Certification

Earning this credential validates your proficiency with FreeFlyer; mastery at this level prepares you for upcoming, more advanced levels of certification.

Prerequisites The following training course covers all the information needed to obtain the FreeFlyer Level 1 Certification credential:

Exam Format
  • 50 multiple-choice questions focused on the core capabilities of FreeFlyer
  • 10 multiple-choice questions based on a given Mission Plan prompt
Exam Length
  • Part A (Multiple-Choice Questions): Allow 60 minutes
  • Part B (Mission Plans): Allow 90 minutes
Exam Schedule Exam can be taken online using your FreeFlyer login
Preparing for Your Exam
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