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Software Applications for

Space Mission Design, Analysis, and Operations

With 20 years of successful uses by more than 300 civilian, military, commercial and international missions to date, a.i. solutions delivers powerful, customizable, and scalable space software products and solutions for full-lifecycle space mission planing and operations.

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FreeFlyer Mission Design, Analysis, and Operations

FreeFlyer®, a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) application, is a feature-rich astrodynamics tool that supports all phases of the mission lifecycle, from initial design trade studies through automated on-orbit operations. Powered by industry-proven astrodynamics algorithms accessed through a flexible scripting environment, FreeFlyer is unmatched in its versatility to solve the toughest problems of today’s space missions.

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Customized Space Software Solutions

Powered by Freeflyer

Extend the power of FreeFlyer with these customized software solutions designed to meet your mission’s specific requirements and capabilities.

FreeFlyer Meridian

Meridian Ground Systems is a turnkey, cost-effective solution for managing your mission through user-friendly graphical interfaces specifically designed for streamlined spacecraft operations within geosynchronous and low earth orbits (GEO/LEO).

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Atlas Displays provides real-time situational awareness supporting any mission operations center and the flexibility to be customized to and integrated into any ground system environment via a number of interface methods.

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FreeFlyer Mission Design, Analysis, and Operations

Generate simulated space surveillance sensors observations with a.i. solutions’ ObsSIM. ObsSIM produces physics-based observation data powered by FreeFlyer®, simulating the ground and space-based sensors of the US SSN.

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